Our Services


We understand that airfreight is a premium and costly service. Our crew supports clientele to save money with solutions that focus on quick transport, relentless communication and intermodal opportunities.
Our airfreight expertise dependable on local business practice and knowledge, import and export documentation, and practice competence. We are capable to execute at peak periods, equipped with regulatory and transportation compliance knowledge.

All-purpose Air Freight:

Access to available aircraft allows us to stay flexible to modify and optimize air freight solutions for inexpensive pricing, dependability, routing and speed.
We interact with major carriers in and out of Mongolia: MIAT, Aeroflot, KAL, and Air China. Highly competitive rates, flexibility, short transit times and fast connectivity makes us dependable partner in Air Freight.

Intermodal Solutions:

By combining Air Cargo and Railway Freight and/or Air Cargo and Road Transport our team will find right balance between time and cost.
Our Intermodal service reduces costs in relations with standard Air Freight shipments. Reduces times in comparison with standard Railway and Road shipment. We provide all key routes from China via Mongolia to Russia and vise versa. Our services assist you to maximize potential saving, the levy it takes on our client’s plans.

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